Important Notice on New Requirements about China-Bound Passengers Departing from Switzerland or Transiting via Zurich by Flight

In view of the further spread of the pandemic, the Chinese Embassy in Switzerland and the Chinese Consulate General in Zurich will adjust the requirements for the Health Code, starting from February 26, 2021. Please take note of the latest requirements and accordingly apply for the Health Code.

1. Passengers who are residents in Switzerland or Liechtenstein

This category refers to passengers who live in Switzerland, holding Swiss passports or holding L, B, and C residence cards and other residence certificates issued by the Swiss immigration authorities, or valid visas issued by Swiss Embassies and Consulates abroad, as well as passengers who reside in the Principality of Liechtenstein, holding Liechtenstein passports or residence permits.

A. Please choose the direct flight of Swiss International Air Lines to China. The Chinese Embassy or the Chinese Consulate General will no longer issue Health Codes to the Swiss residents who plan to have a transit flight to China via a third country.

B. Please complete the "double tests" (nucleic acid and serum-specific IgM antibody tests for SARS-CoV-2) within 48 hours before boarding. The tests must be completed at the designated institutions (list attached). For the testing requirements, please refer to the " Important Notice on Adjusting Relevant Requirements for Nucleic Acid and Serum Antibody Testing and Reiterating 'Non-essential, No travel'" on January 18, 2021.

C. The Health Code can be applied for by Chinese citizens through the WeChat mini-program, or by foreign citizens through the website Applicants shall authentically fill in the form with their personal information, test results, past infection history, contact history, etc., and upload the documents as follows: personal information page of passport, proof of residence in Switzerland (for non-Swiss citizens only), visa to China (for non-Chinese citizens only), whole itinerary, "double negative test" reports. The above documents are indispensable, otherwise the Health Code will not be issued.

D. If you have ever been diagnosed with COVID-19, or tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, please contact the Embassy or the Consulate General in advance to inquire about boarding arrangements.

Email of the Chinese Embassy in Switzerland:

Email of the Chinese Consulate General in Zurich:

E. When boarding the plane, please show the real-time dynamic Health Code to SWISS staff via your mobile phone or computer. The printed version of the Health Code or Screenshot will no longer be recognized.

2. Passengers having transit via Zurich to China

This category refers to those who do not have direct flights to China from their resident country and need only one transit via Zurich.

A. Please carry out the "double tests" in the country of origin and apply for the Health Code issued by the Chinese Embassy or the Chinese Consulate in that country. When transferring in Zurich, you should perform "double tests" at the Zurich Airport as arranged by SWISS. After obtaining the "double negative" reports, please apply for the Health Code through WeChat or the website. When applying, you shall choose "Airport Zurich" as the testing agency, truthfully fill in the blanks with your personal information, whole itinerary, test results, etc., and upload the documents as follows: passport personal information page, whole itinerary, visa to China (for non-Chinese nationals only), "double negative" test reports.

B. The Chinese Consulate General in Zurich will promptly review and issue Health Codes for transit passengers and help the eligible ones board the flight on time. In case that the passenger gives false information or uploads the documents incompletely which results in delaying the approval process, all direct and indirect responsibilities shall be borne by the relevant passenger.

3. Ineligible passenger for transit via Zurich

A. Passengers who have direct flights to China from their country of origin (such as Germany, France, Turkey, Russia, Israel etc.) shall take direct flights to China from the country of origin.

B. The Chinese Embassy in Switzerland and the Chinese Consulate General in Zurich will no longer issue the Health Code to the following 4 kinds of Passengers:

a. those who have direct flights to China from their country of origin;

b. those who need to undertake two or more transit flights;

c. those who take non-Swiss connecting flights and have a transit time in Zurich for more than 48 hours;

d. those who do not have the Health Code issued by the Chinese Embassy or Consulates in the country of origin.

If the above-mentioned passengers insist on taking flights via Zurich to China, the consequences of being stranded or repatriated shall be borne by the passengers themselves.

Up to now, there have been more than 30 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in China from Switzerland, and the Circuit Breaker for SWISS flight has been triggered three times. In analysis of these cases, the main reason for the infection is that the passengers concerned relax their vigilance after the test and fail to strictly perform personal protection. For instance, some had dinner or went shopping with friends many times, some removed the mask to smoke in the smoking room at the airport, some did not get their hands disinfected. There were some individuals even concealed their history of infection, provided inauthentic test reports, and consequently got punished by Chinese competent authorities in accordance with relevant law or regulations.

The Chinese Embassy in Switzerland and the Chinese Consulate General in Zurich solemnly advise all China-bound passengers to stay at home as much as possible within 14 days before boarding and to skip contacts with others. After conducting the double tests and during the journey, passengers shall take strict measure carefully and make contributions to stop the cross-border spread of the pandemic by protecting themselves from being infected.

The Embassy of PR China in Switzerland

The Consulate General of PR China in Zurich

February 18, 2021